When it comes to home projects, we certainly can appreciate budgets – and a garage organization project is no different. How do you plan for this type of project and how much does a typical garage shelving system cost?

After visiting your local hardware/home improvement store or searching for garage organization products online, you’ll no doubt find that there are a variety of options available from a number of vendors that accomplish different things. From cabinets to slat walls to overhead to garage shelving, Delaware Valley residents have numerous options, however, it can be difficult to price-shop due to the nature of materials and accessories included in these systems.

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At Garage Sense, we find that many homeowners benefit from a combination of solutions, but it all starts with shelving. Most two-car garage installations we complete include between 12 feet and 24 feet of shelving.

To determine your cost, it will take a quick visit from the Garage Sense team to develop a design and estimate that is right for you. But the basic rule of thumb for garage shelving is $60 per linear feet. There would be additional costs for hooks and accessories. So, for a 12-foot system (shelving only, installed) would cost approximately $720. Additional shelving, cabinets, and accessories may be included in the plan which will reflect in a higher price.

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