Turn your garage into your personal fitness center

Summary: Tips for creating a garage gym.

In this unusual and extended time of social distancing because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all suddenly finding ways to turn our homes into our whole world. Our houses and garages have become our office, our children’s school, our restaurant, our library, our sports field, and our gym.

In our house, we’ve noticed that different areas of the home serve different purposes. For example, each person has claimed a different room to be their work area. We’ve carved out a small area for one child to easily grab their supplies for “art class.” Our other child has their soccer equipment gathered into one space so they can pickup the gear and complete their home workouts.

When your local gym is closed, the garage is the obvious place to create a home workout area.

Designate your space

  • Identify an area of your garage for physical fitness, just like you would create an area for car maintenance, gardening supplies, sports equipment.
  • Use the central area where your car is normally parked. This will give you the most space.
  • Decide what type of exercises you will/can do and plan accordingly. If it is mainly lifting weights, decide how much space you will need. If you plan to add some cardio, you will need enough room to move around.
  • As you ready your space, sort through the items you have and decide what to keep, what to donate or sell, and what to toss.

Request a free estimate to create a storage and organization plan for your space.

Gather what you have for a garage gym

  • Hand weights that might be upstairs
  • Kettlebells that are in the basement
  • Free weights from the storage area
  • Exercise equipment that is tucked under your laundry (treadmill, Total Gym, elliptical machine)
  • Yoga mat rolled up in the back of your coat closet
  • Jump rope tucked in with kids toys

Make use of what exists (please, improvise safely)

  • Use the steps in your house for aerobic exercises
  • Write with chalk to create ladder runs on the driveway
  • Turn your neighborhood into a “treadmill”

Organize it to make it easy to grab

  • Create a corner that has all your exercise equipment.
  • Position your bike somewhere that you can ride often/easily.
  • Gather the sports balls into one bin/basket.
  • Open the doors to make it an indoor/outdoor gym space.

We must clearly mention that Garage Sense is a garage organization business. We can help you identify and meet you goals to make your garage a more usable and organized space. Garage Sense is not a fitness consultant and so we strongly encourage anyone who chooses to create a home gym in their garage to take all the appropriate safety precautions.