At Garage Sense, we understand project budgets. As homeowners ourselves, we appreciate the need to set and stay within a budget, but also know that can be difficult – especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the available options and product offerings. In the case of your garage, you may not have the time or experience in developing a cost-effective, yet comprehensive storage solution, but we do! After years of organizing the garages of the Delaware Valley, we’ve learned what homeowners need most and have tailored our products to match.

To that end, we’re happy to announce our Garage Essentials Package – a collection of our most popular and effective storage components for just $2,000.

The Garage Essentials Package includes:

  • Shelving – 16 feet of 33.5” deep shelving, most often installed along the back wall. A great solution for storing your long-term and/or large items (bins, boxes, coolers, holiday decorations, etc.)
  • Hanging Storage – 4 bars and 16 hooks, installed either under the deep shelving or in other available wall space. Perfect for storing hanging items like yard tools, sports equipment, and more.
  • Tall Cabinet – one large steel cabinet, on casters. Ideal for storing small items those things that are best behind closed, lockable doors (paints, chemicals, fertilizer, etc.).
  • Bike Hooks – 4 “J” hooks, typically installed beneath the shelving. The best way to store bikes – off the ground and out-of-the-way, but easily accessible.

We’ve found this package to be a great solution for most 2-car garages. Of course, if your garage is larger or you’d like to add other products (workbenches, wall cabinets, shoe storage, etc.), we’re happy to consult with you and design a custom solution that’s right for you.Ready to conquer the clutter? Contact us by phone at 610-996-3365, through our online form or via email [email protected] to schedule your FREE estimate. We’ll respond right away and start you on the path to an organized garage.